Our comprehensive game server list features a wide range of game genres to cater to all types of players. Whether you're a fan of shooters, MMOs, MMORPGs, retro games, strategy games, or any other genre, you'll find a variety of game servers to choose from. If you're into Minecraft, we have you covered with numerous Minecraft servers. If World of Warcraft is more your style, you'll also find a selection of WoW servers to explore. Whatever your gaming preferences may be, our game server list offers something for everyone.

MCPE servers

Minecraft Pocket Edition servers provide an excellent platform for playing with friends. These servers offer a diverse range of options for players to explore. From creative servers to mini-game servers and even servers inspired by other games, th...

Top MCPE servers

#1 - HyperLands

#2 - Vortex Network

#3 - FallenTech PE | Skyblock | Factions |...

#4 - Venity Network

#5 - [=Funworld=]

#6 - PELAR

#7 - play.grieferking.de | CityBuild &...

#8 - PrimeGames

#9 - Skyblocky

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Minecraft servers

Minecraft servers provide an excellent opportunity to gather with friends and family and immerse yourself in the popular game. There are servers available to cater to various playstyles, offering options for those seeking challenging survival adve...

Top Minecraft servers

#1 - AppleMC

#2 - ComfyMC

#3 - Poke Universe

#4 - MineTraveler Network

#5 - The Last Block Bender - Avatar Bending

#6 - RexKraft Survival

#7 - SloCraft

#8 - DeathZone Network | Bedrock: 19132

#9 - TogetherCraft

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RSPS servers

When it comes to choosing the right RuneScape private server (RSPS) to play on, having a list of the top servers can be incredibly helpful. With so many options available, it's important to find a server that not only meets your gameplay preferenc...

Top RSPS servers

#1 - Snowscape.net | Snow317.com - Best Cu...

#2 - ⭐ Coliseum Custom RSPS - 200 ONLINE ⭐

#3 - 718 - Velheim RSPS - Simply the Best

#4 - Bethlehem PS - NEW BEST CUSTOM SERVER...

#5 - PlayWorld - Online Since 2011 - RS 20...

#6 - Ely | #1 Pre-EoC/OSRS | Free Mystery ...

#7 - Ragix

#8 - Zenyte OSRS

#9 - OS-Scape.com | Just Released, $2000 R...

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WoW servers

Private WoW servers are unofficial game servers that emulate the experience of playing World of Warcraft (WoW) outside of the official Blizzard servers. These servers are created and managed by individuals or groups of players who aim to recreate ...

Top WoW servers

#1 - Unlimited WoW

#2 - RetroWOW

#3 - WoW Mania

#4 - Royal WOW

#5 - Transcend-WoW

#6 - BlitzReborn 3.3.5a Wrath PvE NPCBOTS

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Game servers play a crucial role in facilitating multiplayer gaming experiences by allowing players to connect and interact in the virtual world. Developers have different options when it comes to hosting game servers, including self-hosting or using dedicated hosting providers.

Self-hosting game servers involves developers setting up and managing their own servers. This option can be cost-effective, as it eliminates the need to pay for external hosting services. However, it also comes with certain challenges and responsibilities. Developers must ensure the servers are properly configured, maintained, and kept up-to-date to ensure smooth gameplay. They also need to address issues such as server security, connectivity, and scalability.

On the other hand, dedicated hosting providers specialize in offering game server hosting services. These providers have the infrastructure and expertise to handle server management, maintenance, and technical support. They offer reliable and scalable solutions that can accommodate large player bases and provide a smoother gaming experience. While dedicated hosting may come at a higher cost, it offers convenience and peace of mind for developers who can focus on game development rather than server management.

Ultimately, the choice between self-hosting and using dedicated hosting providers depends on the specific needs, resources, and preferences of the game developers. Both options have their pros and cons, and developers must weigh them carefully to determine the best approach for their particular game and target audience.

Last updated on 06-08-2023