WoW Server List

The WoW private server scene is constantly changing. WoW private servers come and go, and new ones are created all the time. It can be difficult to keep track of them all, so here are a few popular WoW private servers that you might want to check out. 

There are two types of WoW private servers: WoW emulated servers and WoW source code servers. WoW emulated servers are the most popular type of WoW private servers. WoW emulated servers are private WoW versions that have been created by taking an existing WoW server and modifying it so it becomes a new server with the same WoW content, but different technical properties. It is this feature that allows players to use their WoW client while playing on WoW emulated WoW Private Servers. WoW emulated servers play WoW just like any other WoW server, but they do not require a WoW CD key since the content is already available on the WoW private server.

WoW Private Servers source code servers are different. They do not use the WoW CD key and instead of having WoW content, WoW Private Servers have their own custom WoW servers that have been developed from scratch. WoW source code servers do not need WoW for play, they play independently of it. WoW Private Servers Some WoW Private Servers offer both; WoW Private Servers emulated and source code playing features.

Last updated on 03-31-2023