WoW Server List

Private WoW servers are unofficial game servers that emulate the experience of playing World of Warcraft (WoW) outside of the official Blizzard servers. These servers are created and managed by individuals or groups of players who aim to recreate the gameplay, mechanics, and content of WoW.

Private WoW servers offer an alternative experience to the official servers, often providing different features, custom modifications, and gameplay adjustments. They allow players to explore various versions of WoW, including older expansions such as Vanilla (the original version of the game), The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and beyond.

WoW Servers

There are two main types of WoW private servers: emulated servers and source code servers. Emulated servers are the most popular among WoW private servers. They are created by modifying an existing WoW server to offer a new gameplay experience while still utilizing the original WoW content. Players can use their WoW client to connect and play on these servers, without needing a WoW CD key.

On the other hand, source code servers are different. They do not rely on the original WoW content and are developed from scratch. These servers have their own custom WoW servers, independent of the official WoW game. Source code servers do not require the use of WoW and operate separately.

Some WoW private servers offer both emulated and source code playing features, giving players the option to choose between the two types of servers.