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CountryUnited States Servers United States • Blackjack • OSRS Eco-Spawn • Gambling - Unleash the Thrill of RuneScape PvP!

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping adventure like no other at Step into the world of high-stakes PvP combat, where Wilderness battles reign supreme. Engage in intense clashes, conquer fearsome bosses, and immerse yourself in the most active Wilderness experience available. Join now and experience the true essence of RuneScape PvP!

Experience the Best Combat that will push your skills to the limit. Master the art of hybriding and clanning as you engage in fast-paced, strategic battles against worthy opponents. Showcase your strength, precision, and cunning as you navigate the treacherous Wilderness and emerge victorious.

At, we bring you the true spirit of Old School RuneScape. Equip yourself with only the finest 07 items and relive the nostalgia of classic gameplay. Engage in thrilling activities like dicing 55x2 and the exhilarating Blackjack system, where fortune favors the bold. Test your luck and skill as you aim for big wins and massive payouts.

Join our vibrant community of PvP enthusiasts and engage in exhilarating clan battles. Forge alliances, strategize with your clanmates, and dominate the Wilderness together. Unleash your competitive spirit, rise through the ranks, and leave your mark as one of the most feared warriors on our server. is not just about combat. We also offer a range of captivating skilling activities to engage in, providing a well-rounded gameplay experience. Stay tuned for our upcoming Clan Panels, where you can organize and manage your clan efficiently, creating a unified force to be reckoned with.

Join now, and be part of the legacy. is the oldest OSRS private server, delivering the true essence of RuneScape PvP for years. No regrets, no compromises—immerse yourself in a world where every decision counts and the thrill of victory awaits. Your epic adventure begins here, at!