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Welcome to Frosty317 - Your Ultimate OSRS Private Server Experience!

Are you a true lover of Old School RuneScape? Look no further than Frosty317, a 317 ECO + PVM + PK server crafted exclusively for dedicated OSRS enthusiasts like yourself. Our goal is to provide an unforgettable private server experience while faithfully replicating the best features of the original game.

Immersive Features that Set Frosty317 Apart:

  • Custom Hand-Built Home: Step into our meticulously designed custom home, a visually stunning masterpiece that will leave you in awe.
  • Custom Skilling Areas: Explore specially tailored skilling areas that offer a unique and rewarding experience for all skill types.
  • Modern OSRS Items: Enjoy the full range of modern OSRS items, ensuring that you have access to all the tools necessary to excel in your adventures.
  • Fair Gameplay, No Pay-to-Win: We firmly believe in maintaining a balanced and fair playing field. That's why all donor items are obtained through in-game drops rather than pay-to-win mechanics.
  • Frequent Updates: Experience a server that's constantly evolving and improving. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to deliver regular updates and ensure a vibrant and dynamic gaming environment.
  • Engaging Community Events: Participate in thrilling Discord giveaways and community events that offer exciting rewards and foster a sense of camaraderie among players.
  • Prestige System: Showcase your dedication and skill by unlocking prestige levels in each skill, proving your mastery and setting yourself apart from the rest.
  • Stable and Lag-Free Environment: Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay on our high-performance, no-lag 24/7 VPS, ensuring a smooth and immersive experience.
  • Professional Staff: Interact with a team of experienced and friendly staff members who are committed to providing exceptional support and assistance whenever needed.
  • Fantastic Drop Table: Explore a captivating drop table that offers an abundance of valuable and sought-after rewards, making every encounter thrilling and rewarding.
  • 500m XP Master Capes with Particles: Set yourself apart as a true master of your craft with our prestigious 500m XP Master Capes adorned with eye-catching particles.
  • Full Crafting, Fletching & Enchantment: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive crafting experience, complete with fletching and enchantment, allowing you to unleash your creativity and maximize your potential.
  • Double XP Weekends: Take advantage of thrilling Double XP Weekends that turbocharge your progress and let you achieve your goals at an accelerated pace.

Join Frosty317 and Experience the Ultimate Adventure!

Don't miss out on the incredible world of Frosty317, where the best of OSRS is blended with the unique charm of a private server. Dive into thrilling gameplay, forge new friendships, and conquer the challenges that await you. Join us today and embark on an unforgettable journey!

Server Information:

Note: Frosty317 is an independent project and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Jagex Limited or RuneScape.