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Players0 / 65
VersionMinecraft 1.17.1
Game Rank#203
Global Rank#203
Last Ping17 minutes ago
CountryUnited States Servers United States


Welcome to McAnarchy, the ultimate pure vanilla anarchy server where chaos reigns and anything goes!

Step into a world free from rules, restrictions, and limitations. McAnarchy is a 100% vanilla server, meaning there are no anticheat or game-altering plugins to hinder your gameplay. Embrace the true essence of Minecraft and experience the raw and unfiltered thrill of survival.

Whether you're a lone wolf looking to carve out your own path or a band of misfits seeking adventure together, McAnarchy offers a blank canvas for your wildest creations. Build towering fortresses, unearth hidden treasures, and conquer the wilderness in your quest for dominance.

In this lawless land, survival is your only priority. Form alliances, forge rivalries, or stay hidden in the shadows as you navigate the vast and unpredictable world. With a dedicated server running on version 1.17.1, you can join the mayhem with any compatible version from 1.9 onwards.

At McAnarchy, there are no restrictions on gameplay style or strategy. Whether you choose to be a cunning strategist, a fierce warrior, or a master builder, the choice is yours. Let your creativity and ingenuity soar as you adapt and thrive in an environment where the only limits are your imagination.

Our dedicated team ensures a stable and lag-free server experience, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the anarchy. Our community is filled with like-minded players who appreciate the untamed nature of the game and are always ready for new encounters and epic battles.

Join us today and embrace the true spirit of anarchy in Minecraft. Prepare for a thrilling journey where you determine your destiny, forge your own path, and leave your mark on this untamed world.

Are you ready to survive and thrive in a world without rules? Join McAnarchy now and unleash your true potential!