Euphoria Skyblock+Prison+BR2022 SMP

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Euphoria Skyblock+Prison+BR2022 SMP

Happy November!
Check out our new SMP with NO whitelist and minimal mods to help you travel! 19132 (same port as BR2021, just updated to BR2022)

Congratulations to our top voters for October! Thank you for your support and enjoy your free ranks, credits, and crates.

October Top Voters:

Ugkr7652 God
LjDestroyer01K Warrior
imnotrich8185 crates
Bakaaamomo Warrior
Ashish188 Knight
The_Tara_Tank Knight
RavPinecone crates
Normanzz23 Warrior
JuliMil Knight
mizuko307213 crates
minimunchkin127 crates
GamerZoe630 crates
Eleven3055 crates

RexRed252807 Credits
Eleven3055 Credits
Luna3189 Credits
ShrinkingDaisy1 Credits

Vote everyday for a month and receive CyanWarrior for free. This is yours forever.

The 2nd month that you vote the full month, youll receive CyanKnight for free.

The 3rd month that you vote the full month, youll receive CyanGod for free. In order to keep CyanKnight or CyanGod for free, you must continue to vote the full month. At anytime you can pay for either rank with the appropriate discount and keep it forever. Otherwise youll be ranked down one rank at a time until you reach CyanWarrior again.

CyanGods get 15 mystery crates for being a top voter.

These rules are for Cyan Skyblock. Prison rules are similar (the prison server is in the middle of a very large update and reset).

Hub (parkour for fun) 19132

Cyan Skyblock---> (many custom features, items, plugins, etc) 19154

Euphoria Prison---> Server has recently undergone a large update adding bosses, new enchants, new banking features, gambling.way too much to list! Join Discord and read the changelog under #announcements 19137

New! Euphoria SMP BR2022 (Basic, no cheats, non-whitelisted SMP)

IP Address:
Players0 / 20
VersionMCPE 1.17.40
Game Rank#33
Global Rank#280
Last Ping12 minutes ago
CountryUnited States United States
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Last updated on 06-08-2023