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Players14 / 2024
VersionMinecraft 1.17
Game Rank#83
Global Rank#83
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CountryPhilippines Servers Philippines



Welcome to ChocoHills - A Sweet Escape in the World of Minecraft!

Indulge in the enchanting world of ChocoHills, where adventure and creativity blend seamlessly. With a variety of exciting game modes and a thriving community, our server offers a delightful and immersive Minecraft experience that will satisfy your sweetest cravings.

OP-Survival 1.17.x:

Embark on a thrilling survival journey where the possibilities are endless. Our OP-Survival game mode provides a unique twist on the classic survival experience, offering enhanced gameplay features and exciting challenges. Gather resources, build magnificent structures, and conquer the wilderness as you strive for survival and success.

Skyblock 1.17.x:

Elevate your Minecraft experience to new heights with our captivating Skyblock game mode. Start with limited resources on a floating island and utilize your ingenuity to expand, thrive, and unlock the mysteries of the sky. Engage in exciting sky-high adventures, complete challenging quests, and build your island paradise in the clouds.

OP-Creative 1.17.x:

Unleash your boundless imagination in our OP-Creative game mode. With access to a vast array of building materials and tools, let your creativity soar as you design awe-inspiring structures, picturesque landscapes, and architectural marvels. Express yourself freely and bring your wildest ideas to life in a supportive and collaborative environment.

A Welcoming Community:

At ChocoHills, we believe in fostering a warm and inclusive community that celebrates diversity and encourages friendship. Join a vibrant community of fellow Minecraft enthusiasts, make new friends, and embark on memorable adventures together. Engage in lively discussions, participate in community events, and share your creations with like-minded individuals who appreciate the beauty of Minecraft.

Immersive 1.17.x Gameplay:

Experience the magic of Minecraft's latest version, 1.17.x, which introduces exciting features, stunning biomes, and a wealth of new possibilities. Delight in the beauty of the updated world generation, explore lush landscapes, and uncover hidden treasures as you traverse the vast expanse of ChocoHills.

Join ChocoHills today and immerse yourself in a world of sweetness, creativity, and adventure. Whether you prefer challenging survival, sky-high endeavors, or boundless creativity, our server has something to offer for everyone.

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Embrace the sweetness and let your imagination run wild at ChocoHills!