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Players52 / 400
VersionMinecraft 1.12.2
Game Rank#209
Global Rank#209
Last Ping18 minutes ago
CountryGermany Servers Germany

SkyFactory 4 by CraftersLand

SkyFactory 4 by CraftersLand

Welcome to SkyFactory 4 by CraftersLand, the ultimate Minecraft experience that takes skyblock gameplay to new heights! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in the sky? Join us and discover a world of endless possibilities and exciting challenges.

With CraftersLand, you can expect a server that prioritizes your gameplay enjoyment and offers a wide range of features and enhancements. Let's dive into what sets us apart:

  • Grief Prevention Claim System: Protect your hard-earned progress and creations with our reliable and intuitive claim system. Say goodbye to worries about griefing and focus on building, exploring, and collaborating with fellow players.

  • Thriving Economy: Immerse yourself in a dynamic economy system that includes server shops, a bustling market, and exciting auctions. Trade and sell your resources to accumulate wealth and acquire the items you need to thrive in the skyblock environment.

  • Fast Chunk Loading: Experience smooth gameplay and reduced lag with our optimized server setup. Our maps are stored on a high-speed RAM drive, ensuring faster chunk loading and an overall seamless gameplay experience.

  • Daily Backups: Your progress is important to us. We take regular daily backups to ensure the safety of your builds and achievements. Explore the sky with peace of mind, knowing that your hard work is protected.

  • Daily and Vote Rewards: Enjoy additional incentives for your dedication and engagement. Earn daily rewards just by logging in and receive special rewards by casting your vote for the server. It's our way of showing appreciation for your support.

  • Clans and PvP: Forge alliances, form clans, and engage in thrilling PvP battles. Challenge your friends or rivals to epic duels and test your skills in intense combat. The sky is not just for building; it's also a playground for exciting PvP encounters.

  • Few Restricted Items: We believe in providing players with freedom and flexibility. While some servers heavily restrict items, we have a thoughtful approach and only ban a select few items to maintain balance and fair gameplay.

  • Reliable Hosting: Our server is hosted in a top-tier data center in Germany, ensuring a stable and lag-free environment. You can count on the server to be online 24/7, ready to welcome you to the skyblock adventure whenever you're ready to play.

Join us now at and let the sky become your canvas of creativity and exploration. Visit our website at for more information and connect with our vibrant community. Discover the boundless wonders of SkyFactory 4 and unlock your true skyblock potential with CraftersLand!