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Welcome to Gladius, where the Minecraft experience gets an exhilarating twist! We're thrilled to announce that we're now on version 1.16, ready to explore the depths of the Nether together. But that's not all—the admins have been hard at work crafting a brand new spawn that will blow you away. Prepare to be awed by the spacious design, colossal columns, and towering Gladiators. It's a sight to behold, and we can't wait for you to experience it!

Are you tired of the same old Minecraft servers that hold your hand and restrict your freedom? At Gladius, we believe in offering a fair playing field while still granting you the liberty to forge your own path. Unlike other servers, we don't protect land from raids or shield you from mob attacks. We won't hand you kits or give you spawners to avoid leaving your base.

Gladius is a semi-vanilla server, striving to provide an authentic Minecraft experience with added multiplayer features to enhance your gameplay. Enjoy convenient commands like /tpa, /sethome, /warp, and more, making it easier to connect, navigate, and explore the vast world we offer.

But here's where things get interesting—we embrace the spirit of semi-anarchy. While cheats, mods, and hacked clients are strictly prohibited, almost anything else goes! Raid, grief, kill, or even engage in friendly collaborations and constructions. Yes, you read that right—even raiding, griefing, killing, and even poking fun at staff members can be part of the game. We treat you like a friend, not a child, and provide an environment where you can truly express yourself.

So, if you're craving a true adventure, where challenges and opportunities await at every turn, join us on Gladius. Break free from the mundane and immerse yourself in a server that embraces the wild side of Minecraft. Let your creativity run wild, form alliances, conquer adversaries, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready to experience Minecraft like never before—come play on Gladius today!

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