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Players56 / 750
VersionMinecraft 1.17
Game Rank#197
Global Rank#197
Last Ping34 minutes ago
CountryUnited Kingdom Servers United Kingdom

Sky Kingdoms

Welcome to Sky Kingdoms - Where Adventure Takes Flight!

Prepare to soar to new heights with Sky Kingdoms, the ultimate Minecraft server designed to unleash your imagination and push the boundaries of your gaming experience. We offer a diverse array of thrilling game modes and unique features that will keep you hooked for hours on end.


Test your strategic skills and teamwork in our exhilarating Bedwars mode. Build, defend, and destroy as you battle it out with other players in an epic quest for victory.

Survival with Slimefun & Lucky Blocks:

Embark on an enhanced survival journey like no other. With Slimefun and Lucky Blocks, discover a world of endless possibilities as you unlock powerful tools, gadgets, and exciting surprises to aid you in your survival endeavors.


Engage in intense player versus player combat high above the clouds. Enter our Skypvp arena and prove your dominance as you engage in heart-pounding battles against worthy opponents.


Take to the skies and compete in thrilling Skywars battles. Gather resources, strategize your moves, and be the last player standing in this fast-paced and adrenaline-fueled game mode.


Experience the popular browser game Agario right within Minecraft! Dive into this addictive mode where you consume and grow, all while outmaneuvering other players in a battle for supremacy.


Test your individual skills in our 1v1 mode. Challenge friends or other players to exhilarating one-on-one battles, showcasing your mastery of combat and tactics.

Survival Games:

Immerse yourself in the intense atmosphere of our Survival Games. Fight for your life in a thrilling arena, scavenging for resources, forming alliances, and battling against other players in a race against time.

Hide and Seek:

Unleash your inner stealth and cunning in our Hide and Seek mode. Blend into your surroundings, outsmart your opponents, and become the ultimate master of disguise.


Experience the fast-paced frenzy of our Quake mode. Engage in lightning-quick battles armed with powerful weapons, honing your reflexes and accuracy to come out on top.


For those seeking a classic Minecraft experience, our Vanilla mode offers a pure and unaltered gameplay environment. Immerse yourself in the original essence of Minecraft and let your creativity run wild.


Form alliances, wage wars, and build your own empire in our Factions mode. Collaborate with fellow players, establish powerful bases, and conquer the land in this dynamic and competitive game mode.

Join us at Sky Kingdoms and let your adventures take flight. Are you ready to conquer the skies?