Here are some key features and benefits of Minecraft Realms servers:

  1. Easy Setup: Setting up a Minecraft Realms server is straightforward. With just a few clicks, players can create their own private server and invite friends to join. Realms servers handle all the technical aspects, such as server hosting, maintenance, and updates, allowing players to focus on the gameplay.

  2. Private and Controlled Environment: Realms servers offer a controlled environment where only invited players can join. This ensures that the server remains exclusive to a selected group of friends or community members, providing a safe and secure multiplayer experience.

  3. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Minecraft Realms servers support cross-platform play, meaning players on different platforms (such as PC, mobile, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch) can join the same server and play together, fostering inclusivity and accessibility.

  4. Reliable Performance: Realms servers are hosted on dedicated servers provided by Mojang, ensuring reliable and stable performance. Players can expect minimal lag, smooth gameplay, and a seamless multiplayer experience.

  5. Automatic Backups and Updates: Realms servers automatically create regular backups of the server world, safeguarding player progress and creations. Additionally, the server software is kept up to date with the latest Minecraft version, ensuring compatibility and access to new features.

  6. Customization Options: While Realms servers may have certain limitations compared to other server types, players still have a degree of customization available. They can choose from a variety of pre-made world templates or upload their own custom worlds, configure server settings, and select gameplay options to tailor the experience to their preferences.

  7. Realms Plus Subscription: Mojang offers a subscription-based service called Realms Plus, which provides additional benefits. Subscribers gain access to a library of pre-made worlds and community content, including mini-games, adventure maps, and more, expanding the gameplay possibilities on their Realms server.

To join a Minecraft Realms server, players typically receive an invitation from the server owner, which includes a link to join the server directly from the Minecraft game. They can then accept the invitation and start playing on the server alongside their friends.

Minecraft Realms servers provide a convenient and user-friendly multiplayer experience, ideal for players who want to create a private and controlled environment to enjoy Minecraft with their chosen group of friends. Whether it's building, exploring, or embarking on collaborative projects, Realms servers offer a seamless and accessible way to enjoy multiplayer gameplay in the Minecraft universe.

Last updated on 06-08-2023