Minecraft Feed The Beast, FTB servers

Minecraft Feed The Beast (FTB) servers are multiplayer servers that focus on hosting modded Minecraft gameplay using the Feed The Beast modpacks. FTB is a collection of modpacks curated by the Feed The Beast team, which include a wide range of mods that enhance and expand the gameplay experience.

FTB servers provide an opportunity for players to explore and enjoy modded Minecraft with a community of like-minded players. These servers offer a variety of modpack options, each with its own set of mods and features. Some popular modpacks within the FTB series include FTB Infinity Evolved, FTB Revelation, FTB Direwolf20, and many others.


Modpacks in FTB servers introduce new dimensions, items, blocks, mechanics, and gameplay systems that significantly alter the Minecraft experience. Mods can add technology, magic, automation, exploration, or a combination of these elements, allowing players to engage in complex and diverse gameplay scenarios.

FTB servers often have dedicated worlds or dimensions specifically designed for the modpacks they host. These worlds may include custom terrain generation, unique biomes, or structures generated by the mods. Players can venture into these dimensions to gather rare resources, encounter new mobs or bosses, or explore challenging dungeons.

One notable aspect of FTB servers is the emphasis on automation and technical progression. Mods such as IndustrialCraft, Applied Energistics, Thermal Expansion, and BuildCraft offer advanced machinery, automation systems, and resource management options. Players can set up intricate factories, power systems, and transportation networks to optimize their resource production and processing.

Additionally, FTB servers often feature progression systems that guide players through different stages of modded gameplay. These progression systems can be quest-based, where players are given specific objectives to complete or goals to achieve. Completing quests or reaching milestones may unlock new technologies, recipes, or access to more challenging content.

Community interaction is also an integral part of FTB servers. Players can collaborate with others, share knowledge, and exchange resources or items. Some servers may have dedicated player markets or trading systems to facilitate player-to-player transactions.

It's worth noting that since FTB modpacks involve multiple mods, players may need to install the appropriate modpack version to connect and play on FTB servers. The server administrators usually provide instructions or modpack launchers to make the installation process easier for players.

Overall, Minecraft FTB servers provide a rich and extensive modded gameplay experience, allowing players to delve into complex systems, automation, and technical progression. These servers foster a community of modded Minecraft enthusiasts and provide a platform for players to explore, create, and engage with an array of mods and features not found in the vanilla Minecraft experience.


Last updated on 06-05-2023