Minecraft Eggwars Servers

Minecraft Eggwars servers are multiplayer game modes inspired by the popular "Bedwars" game mode but with a twist. In Eggwars, players are divided into teams and their main objective is to protect their precious "egg" while simultaneously attempting to destroy the eggs of other teams.

The gameplay in Eggwars typically involves a combination of strategy, teamwork, and PvP (player-versus-player) combat. Each team starts on its own island, and at the center of each island is a block representing their team's egg. The egg serves as the team's respawn point, similar to the bed in Bedwars.


The primary goal of Eggwars is to be the last team standing. Teams must defend their eggs from other players while attempting to destroy the eggs of opposing teams. If a team's egg is destroyed, its members will no longer be able to respawn, making them vulnerable to elimination. Teams can use various strategies to protect their eggs, such as building defensive structures, setting traps, or coordinating team-based attacks.

To accomplish their objectives, players must gather resources by mining or collecting them from generators on their island. These resources can be used to fortify their defenses, upgrade equipment and weapons, or purchase items from in-game shops.

Eggwars servers often feature custom-built maps or arenas specifically designed for this game mode. These maps can vary in size, layout, and difficulty, offering different challenges and strategic opportunities. Some servers may also introduce custom gameplay elements or modifications, such as special abilities, power-ups, or unique game modes within the Eggwars framework, to provide additional excitement and variety.

Minecraft Eggwars servers are typically multiplayer-focused and encourage players to join and compete against others. They promote teamwork and coordination among team members to defend their egg and launch strategic attacks on other teams. Eggwars servers often include leaderboards and competitive rankings, adding a competitive element and motivating players to improve their skills and win matches.

Overall, Minecraft Eggwars servers provide a fast-paced and engaging multiplayer experience, combining strategic gameplay, teamwork, and PvP combat. They offer a thrilling and competitive environment where players must balance offense and defense, work together as a team, and employ tactical thinking to outsmart and eliminate opponents.


Last updated on 06-05-2023